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To mark multiple series, create additional parameter sets, delimited by a pipe character. If you do not assign markers to a data series, it will not get any markers.Shape markers behave slightly differently in scatter charts. markers and markers that specify location by x/y position (start with the @ character).The second marker is the arrow, and the third marker is the arrow text..

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See below for an example.] The layer on which to draw the marker, compared to other markers and all other chart elements.

Default value is 0.0 (just above the chart elements).] Additional placement details describing where to put this marker, in relation to the data point.

This is a floating point number from -1.0 to 1.0, inclusive, where -1.0 is the bottom and 1.0 is the top.

Chart elements (lines and bars) are just lower than zero.

You can use hidden data series as a source for markers; see Compound Charts for more information.

Grouped vertical bar charts support a special extended syntax to align markers with specific bars.] The layer on which to draw the marker, compared to other markers and all other chart elements.

If there are more series or elements in the chart than colors specified in your string, the API typically cycles through element colors from the start of that series (for elements) or for series colors from the start of the series list.

Again, see your individual chart documentation for details.

Maximum chart size for all charts except maps is 300,000 pixels total, and maximum width or length is 1,000 pixels. Colors that apply to a whole series are delimited by a comma, colors that apply to individual elements within a series are delimited by a bar.

For most chart types, you can mix color descriptions for whole series and individual series elements.

Using a non-graphical format as the src parameter of an Syntax returns an HTML page; here we've made it the source of an Rules for manual conversion 1.

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